Wednesday, May 23, 2018

The little shoemaker

This week when the year 6 were away we wrote a description about a shoemaker. We got the ideas from a video clip that we watched.

In the little shop there lived a poor but honest shoemaker. His hair was stuck up by gel that make him look a little bit taller but still pretty small. Even though he was very small his brain was gigantic. When ever he giggles you better be beware of his tricks. He was extremely poor but he still puts all his hope in his shoes for they are the only things that can make him rich. When you look at his face you can barely see his face because of the square glasses and his bushy mustache. Every time a person comes by he waves his bell to attract customers to have a look and gave lots of discounts. At the first look at him it looks like he is a grandpa and doesn’t work but all the shoes in the store is made by him.

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