Thursday, May 10, 2018

Why do Chameleons change colour?

This week we have been recearching about the myth: Chameleons change colours to camaflage themsevles and find information to back it up. This is the result we got.

Why do Chameleons change colour?

Have you ever wanted to blend into the background so you can be the best at hide and seek in your school? Do you want to turn green so your mum will pay more attention to you not your annoying little brother? If you want to do all these things than go to Africa, Asia and north America to capture a chameleon and try to learn to blend in. They live in deserts and rain forests. You have to be fast, for a chameleon can run 21 miles per hour which is 33 kph! It also has two eyes that can look in two different directions, talk about avoiding  predators and you from catching it. Thanks to scientists now we know why chameleons change colour.

Adults used to tell children that the chameleon changes colour to blend in with the background and to avoid predators. Have you ever heard that saying before. But now thanks to the newly developed science and the scientists now we know that it was only a myth for babies. The actual fact was that they change colour to adjust to the heat. For example, when it is hot it changes to a lighter colour to let off heat and to  cool off but when it is cold it turns into a darker colour to attract heat. You might think that a Chameleon changes colour once a week but on a daily basis.

Being able to change colours has many uses such as to show your moods. A chameleon can show its moods by changing its colours. When it is angry it will show a darker colour. Than when it is a lighter colour it means it is just trying to show off or to attract a mate.
 A chameleon can change into any colours like green, red, pink, yellow,blue or black. Think about it, wouldn't it be great if you could turn into a darker colour like black to show someone that you are angry and they ran away the moment they saw you.

Do you still want to change colour to be the best at hide and seek in school? If it is a yes go to Africa, Asia and north America to catch a chameleon and start learning. Pack your bag quickly, you better catch the next plane there. If you want to do some research first they are in the lizard species. But watch out for the eyes that can look in two different at the same time and the legs that can run 33 km per hour.

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