Sunday, March 18, 2018

The treasure hunter

This week we watched a video about an old lady called Ester finding treasure from the junkyard. Then we started to write a describe map about Ester.
The treasure hunter

Scavenging through the mucky junkyard, there was a wrinkly old lady searching for special delight to decorate her handcraft home. Most people have assumed that one man’s trash is another man's treasure. The only sound in the peaceful junkyard is the clinks of metal which ester threw away. Perched on top of her little red nose is her broken,second- hand glass but since there are no lens she wears them for fashion. As she pushes her trolley around she through the junkyard mountains noticing for special delights Unlike rich people her hat is full of moth holes and very greasy with a faded pom-pom on top. Ester has a very good eyesight for an old lady, so her house is beautifully decorated.

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  1. Great writing I liked how you used your adjectives and also were the story was set.