Thursday, March 8, 2018

The Scariest Animal in the Woods

This week we decided to make a describing map about the mouse and the Gruffalo for small children. Here is the result.
                            The Scariest Animal in the Woods

Living in the deep dark woods, there lives a teeny, tiny mouse, who seems like any ordinary mouse. It was his pink, round ears and his soft brown fur that makes him look like all the other mice. He has very sharp hearing and can hear every little noise in the forest, so he can be ahead of all his predators. Even though he has sharp hearing he has to be alert all the time. Every animal thinks that he is a small, easy meal but no one knows that he is a very deceitful and mischievous mouse. He can outsmart all the animal in the forest with one of his plots. He can also think of an idea in a blink of an eye without any hesitation. He walks like a pro with a his pink, long tail slithering behind him like a snake catching his prey. Although he is the smallest animal in the deep,dark woods, his mind makes him the scariest creature in the deep, dark woods.

Image result for the mouse from the gruffalo
By: Tanisha & Dafu

# 1     W.A.L.T: Use language appropriate to the purpose and audience

#  2   W.A.L.T: use a range of interesting sentence starters

I did good on adding lots of adjectives. We need to work on adding more adjectives.


  1. I liked how you use different adjectives.Next time try to use different sentences starters.

  2. I think you need to use dirrirent sentence starters otherwise your writing is good

    1. I agree, you used the word,"he" alot.

  3. Great adjectives, I like how you used the word,"outsmart".

  4. lovely adjectives like hesitation,mischievous,alert and outsmart