Friday, March 16, 2018

Olympics Narrative

BONK! Soohorang fell out of bed as his annoying alarm clock snapped him out of his enchanted dreams. Soohorang was a snow tiger with white skin and black stripes. He was also very fast riding a snowboard. He was a nervous wreck because he was competing for the first time in snowboarding and today was meant to be his big day and he wanted to make the most of it. He wanted to win a gold medal and glory for New Zealand but he had a dreadful feeling that today his luck would finally turn...

The wind was howling like a wolf howling at the full moon.  The snow covered the ground like a giant had put a pure white blanket over the mountain.  Soohorang was struggling to stand up straight, never mind taking one step. He thought it was the end of the world until he finally saw the chair lift. On the chair lift a black bear called bandabi was sitting next to him and it seemed that he was also competing in snowboarding, plus it looked like he came from the north pole! Soohorang knew that the most outstanding snowboarders came from the north pole, he will be tough to beat. When Soohorang looked back snow stretched as far as his eyes could see.  Then he looked down and saw that he was more than 20 metres from the ground. Ten minutes later he was on the top of the mountain peering at the mountain below. It was such a beautiful view: the wind was was blowing snow in every direction and it looked like someone was ripping paper and throwing it down to earth. The trees had snow sprinkled on them like a chief putting icing on a cake shaped like a tree.
He quickly changed into gear and came out. The moment he stepped out of the changing room the cheering started. It was so loud that he can even hear them when he put ear plugs on. Everyone were cheering him on and he felt so proud to even come here. In the front row his mum and dad was bursting with excitement because their children's dream had finally came true after the 4 years of solid training.  He stepped behind the starting line where his new friend bandabi was standing proudly, waving at his fans. There was also 3 other competitors. The judge said “ ready set go “ and they raced off into the distance.

In the middle of the track there was a tall hill and just after that there was a curve but he was going so fast that he can’t stop so he crashed into the gate and fell into a hole in the middle of the mountain. When he wanted to climb up the hole he fell instantly because his leg was broken and it was throbbing with pain. He even found a trampoline beside him. You might think it can not become any worse but soohorang only had a muesli bar and a bottle of water……

He called out for help but nobody answered. He sometimes he wished he was in his comfortable bed reading a story but instead of reading a story he felt he was in the story. Ten minutes later a shout came from the top of the hole and then a head appeared and asked Shoorherang if he was okay. When they had pulled Shoorherang out they told him that he was filming a movie and Shoorherang fell into the hole. They went up the mountain and called for help. Soon an ambulance came and bandaged Shoorherang’s leg. They said that he just needed some rest and he will be able to compete again. The judge decided they will start the race tomorrow.

The day passed quickly and soon he was standing at the starting line and the judge fully recovered and ready to win. The snow parted as the snowboarders raced passed. Finally the race ended and the results are…….Soohorang came first! He felt so good when he stood on the stage holding the winter olympic cup in his hands. Today is a day he will never forget!!!

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