Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Going to the zoo

The stripy zebras, tall giraffe and dusty rhinos loped around the dehydrated grasslands with their shy young. From the bridge, lumpy scales poked from the thick layer of slimy moss camouflaging the crocodile that was waiting for its prey. Lizards slither across the tall grass trying to spot prey to eat. Giant tortoises thumped with each step into its muddy pond. Sinking into the mud pond it slowly falls asleep. On the other hand another tortoise was biting some ferns off to eat and watching our every move. If we get too close they would “ SNAP ” and our finger is right off. When it is familiar with us it slowly starts to chew on the leaves. Where is the turtle's favorite place to sleep? When it was nearly time to go back Naigah asked Dillion’s dad” where are the penguins ? can we go and see them?” Dillion’s dad replied” okay” and we headed towards the penguins.

On Friday we went to the zoo. We used dad wavers (D-description A-action D-dialogue ). Hope you enjoy it!:)

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