Tuesday, November 7, 2017

My Wild Self

This week for Inquiry we have been learning about pond animals and their adaptations here are some of my wild self's adaptations:
African Lion mane - Looking good! Male African lions use their thick, dark manes to attract mates.

Asian elephant ears - Do bigger ears mean better hearing? In this case, yes. Your Asian elephant ears can hear other elephants miles away by feeling for vibrations.

Crab eye stalks - Your crab eye stalks allow you to see things above and below you at the same time.

Octopus arms -Octopus tentacles are covered suckers that are sensitive not only to touch, but also to taste, so can you grope around for food in small, dark crevices.

Indian ornamental tarantula legs - Danger! Danger! The bright yellow markings on your Indian ornamental tarantula legs are a warning. They're meant to tell attackers to stay away. You're venomous!

Radiated tortoise shell - Why is your Radiated tortoise shell shaped like a dome? Scientists think the shell's shape helps tortoises flip over whenever they get stuck on their back.


  1. AWESOME wild self Dafu. I think your's looks cool.

  2. EXCELLENT wild self Dafu. It looks very creative. KA RAWE!

  3. What a great adaptation your Asian elephant ears are! They must certainly help you hear! - Mrs T

  4. Your wild self is incredibly creative.

  5. This is a very creative wild self, but you should edit your work.

  6. crazy wild self dafu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!