Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Athletics day

Thursday was a really hot day and also it was our annual, Athletics day! I was impatiently waiting for it to start. There were cones set, tools put out, lanes all marked and everything ready to go. I wished so much that it will not be raining right in the middle of the sports. It will be the best day in my life if I win something!

When we finally did the roll everyone poured out of the classroom and rushed to be at the front of the line, as if there was a pot of gold at the front of the line. Waiting quietly under the blazing sun, I was waiting for Mrs Knowles to start informing us about what activity everyone was going to go to first. We twisted towards the cones set up for shot put. I knew that everyone was nervous and had the same thought as me, “am I going to make it into the top three?” When it was my turn I closed my eyes and thought about everything that I had learned about shot put and I pushed the shot put with all my might. When I opened my eyes I saw that I was unimaginable close it was about 5cm to get into the finals!

After shot put we walked lively across the light green field to the smooth sand pit where the 8 year olds had just finished long jumping. We rushed to be at the front but I got left behind. What seemed like decades, I felt like I had even grown a mustache when it was finally my turn to jump and I took off at full speed, just when my feet touched the mat I jumped. I felt like I was flying through the sky but the feeling only lasted for a few short seconds because I landed. Still I didn't make it into the finals but I still felt like at the top of the world. I saw there was a lot for flags getting moved from a place to another by the teachers. After we finished, the teacher said we were early so we went back to our house group. Once there I chattered with Kyle while the others kept doing other sports.

Next we went to one of my favorites, the relays and amazingly I was with Arsh but Kyle was with Kiki. My favourite relay was balancing a yellow soccer ball on a racket. We had a soccer ball and a rather large sized racket, jump over obstacles, run around hops and run back. We had to run as fast as a racing car to avoid the ball falling. I was  delighted because we won that relay. The funniest relay was the sack race because at the hop we had to strike a pose. There was lots of funny poses like a chicken dance. I was very shy when it was my turn so I just did the dab. At the end of the relay the the teachers chose four very funny pose but I still liked the chicken dance. The teachers said,” We chose Alex to get the house points.” We were still early so we waited at our house groups. It was nearly morning tea so we ran back to our classes and ate our lovely prepared morning tea and played on the playground for a while.  

“Ding ding ding” the hand bell rang and I ran down to my red flag where the other children in my house group were filled with anticipation. Finally Mis Knowns started inform us about what we were doing first. I was very unlucky because we were doing the sprints. I saw runner after runner in lead and getting first and then it was my turn. When I started I was as nervous as a man at his first day at work. I made my eyes look forward and started just after the wood clamped together. When my turn was done I came fourth and the teachers all said” good job” to each of the runners.

I could sleep for one day and my muscles were aching. I was so sweaty that I could made a sweet angel. I was so relived that we could have a ice block! What a exordinary day.

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  1. Dafu, I like how your recount entertains and has a real 'personal voice' eg I knew that everyone was nervous and had the same thought as me, “am I going to make it into the top three?” Keep up the great writing! - Mrs T