Thursday, October 19, 2017

Describing the beach

Green trees grew their roots deep into the rocky cliff but the leaves are towering over the burning sand. The four leafy tree are from smallest to biggest. In the distance on the horizon there are tiny islands waiting to be explored. From the entrance to the cove it is pitch dark, and on the high ceiling it is dripping with salty water. The sea is crashing onto the sand with an amazing force.

The salty adour of the ocean drifts the air but is overpowered by the stinky stench of the rotting shellfish. Very faintly all of the smell of the freshness of trees and grass hovered in the air. The air is filled with the lovely smell of fish and chips that made birds of all kind approach.

The gust of strong wind blows the gigantic trees making them sway from side to side. Leaves of all size and shape get blown off the tree and into peoples faces. Heat from the sun radiates off the sand like a heater on full power. Standing in the shallow, waves that can drown cars onto the sand and retreat endlessly.

What a fabulous place to spend the weekends with friends. It is such a good place to be. Would you want to go to the amazing beach with your families. ( I would accept that amazing offer if I were you )

In this piece of writing I think I did very well describing. I think I need to improve on writing new words.

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  1. I think you need to write new words, other than that it was really good.