Wednesday, June 28, 2017


Our Arcade is called The Magnificent Well.

You need to fish up points from inside the well so you can get the prizes.

Our arcade has a pulley so you can fish up points.Our arcade also have a sting in the pulley to pull up the points.Our arcade also has black pieces of paper for making it look good.

Our arcade needs a pull to pull up the points you collected and our arcade also need magnetism to grab the points up.

We can improve our arcade by adding a wheel and axle to make it move.

How to Play the Magnificent Fishing Well
You will need:
Fishing rod
Magnificent fishing well

  1. Take the stick and lower it into the Magnificent Fishing Well.
  2. Pull up your points with a magnet when you feel some pretend fish.
  3. Count all your points and if you have more than 250 points you get extra 2 turns.
  4. Play your 2 extra turns.
  5. Come and get your prize that you deserve which  depends on your points.


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  1. Dafu, your arcade game looks great and functions well. You have explained the main parts of your arcade and explained their function. Great relational thinking. - Mrs T