Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Quitting Kumon

                                                           Quitting Kumon
One rainy Thursday my Mum took me to Kumon to study English. When I was inside I was already 30 minutes late. After I went in quietly I waved goodbye to my Mum.

First I got out my work and asked Priminder where to sit . I quickly got organised and noticed it was a test. I was so happy that I felt like winning a gold medal.

Then I looked at the time before doing it. It was 3:45 so I wrote down the time. First it was a little harder then I thought. After I have done 1 to 2 pages it started to get easy.

When I was on my last page I started zooming through it. After I was done wrote the time and gave it to Priminder.

After 10 minutes of silent reading Preminder came and said”well done you have only one mistake”. I finally can go home because I corrected the mistake. I said goodbye to Premider and went down to the parking lot.

What a fantastic day because when I was on DII I can quit Kumon. I felt awesome because Kumon was so hard and I can quit Kumon.

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  1. Dafu, I like how you have included time connectives. Your next step could be to use compound sentences, where you join two short sentences.eg Then I looked at the time before doing it and it was 3:45 so I wrote down the time.